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Bioinformatics PhDs at KCL

Bioinformatics / Clinical Informatics PhD Topics at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London. Closing date for applications is 12/12/12

Contact corinne.farrugia@kcl.ac.uk for further details / application pack and see this website for more details of each project

  • Epigenetics and gene expression in Alzheimer’s
  • Investigating Unreported Adverse Effects of Psychiatric Drugs through Data-Mining of Electronic Health Records and Integration of Clinical and Genomic Data
  • Drug repositioning: the application of old drugs to new diseases/targets
  • Text mining and machine learning to identify temporal patterns in co-morbidity networks derived from clinical data
  • Integrative translational ‘omics with a special focus on mental health : bioinformatics analyses for large scale omic data integration, biomarker discovery, drug repositioning and screening for new therapeutic targets
  • A Multi-agent paradigm for Integrating Cellular Networks
  • Applying machine learning methods to develop predictive models of treatment success for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Biomarkers of pre-clinical Alzheimer’s disease

Sequencing Informatics Team Leader @ The Genome Analysis Centre | TGAC

£42,769 – £47,521

The aim of this role is to lead the Sequencing Informatics Team to implement the informatics infrastructure at TGAC. The candidate will have a proven record in software development and project management in particular in the context of large datasets. The Sequencing Informatics Team leader will work to ensure that TGAC is at the forefront of innovation in the latest methods for high-performance computing and storage technologies.

More details on the TGAC website.