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J. Craig Venter Inst are looking for a Cloud Systems Engineer:


The position requires a developer for deploying bioinformatics applications on cloud environments (EC2, Eucalyptus, Openstack), mostly coding against the cloud APIs but also having a strong foundation in Linux sysadmin skills in order to maintain JCVI’s private cloud cluster, and wiliness to join and contribute new ideas as part of a research team.


More cloud deployment magic:




Simple cloud deployment for Perl developers

Still in private beta, but looks interesting.

Eagle Genomics Job

2 Bioinformatics Software Developer positions going at Eagle Genomics:

Wanted: Bioinformaticians | Bioinformatics, Cloud, Ensembl, Open source, Shell scripting | Eagle Genomics.

PiCloud | Cloud Computing. Simplified.

As mentioned at last night’s meeting:


picloud logo

Wanted: Analytical Computing Researcher

Another one from Lianda Payne at E-Resourcing Ltd. Please contact her with any enquiries.

Analytical Computing Researcher

A highly qualified individual to join a newly formed research team to build up our research on analytics applications .

Reporting to company’s Chief Innovation Officer, the qualified individual will research on data analyses methods and building proof-of-concept prototypes for company’s biological data analysis products. Support company’s scientific informatics business, you will focus on the build up analytics capacities within company’s data management and analysis product stack, especially in building analytical application for company’s cloud offering

The following qualifications are highly desirable:
-Msc/PhD in computer science, computational biology, Statistics or equivalent scientific discipline
-Be familiar with data mining technology-Ideally have experience with various omics data analysis in biomarker discovery field.
-Excellent analytical programming skills—excellent skill in bioinformatics/statistics, in building analytics applications
-Excellent people skills
-Excellent skill in Web2.0, cloud computing and internet programming

Slides etc. from September tech meet

Bill’s RNANet presentation

Shawn Moore’s Moose talk, presented by Ian

Caroline’s Amazon cloud computing talk and demo

Andrew will give the Solr talk next time as it was getting too close to pub o’clock…