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Perl & DBIx::Class course

Dave Cross, of and, is running a day’s course on using DBIx::Class in Perl to talk to your databases this Saturday at Google for only £30. This is a massive bargain – I’ve been to other courses he’s run and they’ve been excellent. If you’re using Perl and DBI to talk to your databases and you haven’t come across DBIx::Class, go along and find out how it can make your life easier.

More details at

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London Perl Workshop – 24/11/12

The London Perl Workshop is next month. This is a one day conference organised by London Perl Mongers. The theme for this year is 25 years of Perl. The schedule comprises a range of talks and workshops ranging from beginners’ tutorials to in-depth discussions of Perl’s innards.

The event is free, but you will need to register.

More details and registration form can be found here:

London Perl Workshop 2011

This year’s London Perl Workshop will be held on Saturday 12th November at Westminster University.

It’s free to attend and you can sign up here:

The schedule isn’t up yet, but an update sent to the mailing list promises introductory workshops for programmers of other languages, updates on new Perl developments for current Perl programmers all the way up to advanced talks from world-renowned Perl experts.