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KCL Denmark Hill Bioinformatics seminars

Hey guys,

At Denmark Hill KCL SGDP department the Biomedical Research Centre for Mental Health we are running a monthly seminar series. For full details see “ You are welcome to attend.

All the best, Steve

Provisional seminar schedule (all sessions in KCL Denmark Hill campus SGDP seminar room A/B)

October 30th 3:30-4:00pm

Dr. Thomas Schlitt

Two network analysis approaches for the identification of disease associated genes

November 30th 3-4pm

Dr. Matt Davies

“Machine Learning Approaches to the Metabolome”

Dr. James Swingland

“1-D Spatial modelling of gene expression data”, followed by a demonstration of chromowave.


January 29th 3-4pm

Dr. Natasa Przulj, Imperial College

“Network Topology as a Source of Biological Information”


February 26th 3-4pm

Grace Lu

“Is the Interface of 3D Protein Complexes a Determinant in the Pathogenesis of Disease-related Genes?”

Jennifer Mollon – TBA


March 26th 3-4pm – TBA


April 30th 3-4pm

Dr. Michael Barnes, QMUL

“Drug repositioning in silico”


May 28th 3-4pm

Dr Robert Eriksson, Technical University Denmark

“Undesired drug effect identification in Danish electronic patient records”