Imperial College Centre for Integrative Systems Biology and Bioinformatics Seminar Series

All are welcome to the following CISBIO seminars – venues as listed:

Monday Feb 13th, 4.30pm
7th Floor common room
Sir Ernst Chain Building – Wolfson Laboratories (formerly Biochemistry)

Dr Guido Sanguinetti,
University of Edinburgh

Latent switching models of transcriptional regulation

Abstract: I will review the use of a class of continuous-time models of transcriptional regulation. This consist of a system of (ordinary or stochastic) differential equations whose coefficients depend on a latent, discrete state Markov Jump process. The interpretation we will propose is that the DEs describe the dynamics of expression of a set of genes, while the latent processes describe activation states of transcription factor proteins. I will describe the approach to inference, and present results on a number of real data sets.

Monday 5th March, 4 pm
G34 Lecture Theatre, SAF (Sir Alexander Fleming) building

Dr Nick Le Novère
EMBL – European Bioinformatics Institute

This or that – Allosteric Calcium Sensors and Synaptic Plasticity

Monday 12th March, 4pm
G34 Lecture Theatre, SAF (Sir Alexander Fleming) building

Dr Mario Caccamo
The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC)

Computational analysis of next generation sequencing (provisional title)

Monday 26th March, 4.30pm
Rm 122, SAF (Sir Alexander Fleming) building

Prof Jürg Bähler,
University College London

Quantitative Analysis of Fission Yeast Transcriptomes and Proteomes


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