May tech talks – 26th May

May’s BioGeeks tech meet will be on Thursday 26th May at Imperial College London from 6pm.
Theres going to be 3 talks and as always everyone is welcome. Talks will of course be followed by drinks and chat in a nearby pub (Hoop and Toy). Help us advertise this meeting by putting up a poster.

Knowledge Management in the U-BIOPRED Project.
Anthony Rowe
 – Department of Computing, Imperial College
U-BIOPRED is a Pan-European translational study to identify and characterize biomarkers associated to severe asthma. The project consortium is made up of 40 organisations and includes 10 large pharmaceutical partners as well as 20 academic medical centres. We are currently recruiting a cohort of 750 adults and 500 paediatric volunteers and will be profiling tissue samples from this patients with Genomic, Proteomics, Lipidomic and Breathomic approaches. This talk will discuss the processes and technology we are developing to organise and manage this highly diverse and large dataset and the strategies we are developing to analyse and interpret this data.

FigShare – Why don’t you publish all of your research?
Mark Hahnel – NHLI – Imperial College
Scientific publishing as it stands is an inefficient way to do science on a global scale. A lot of time and money is being wasted by groups around the world duplicating research that has already been carried out. FigShare allows you to share all of your data, negative results and unpublished figures. In doing this, other researchers will not duplicate the work, but instead may publish with your previously wasted figures, or offer collaboration opportunities and feedback on preprint figures.

Dexy – Documentation for Science and Code
Ana Nelson
Dexy is an open source document automation tool that can help you create documents using your favourite programming languages and your favourite software.
Programmers: Promote and improve your code with automated documentation.
Scientists: Create beautiful, reproducible documents including graphs and analysis from your raw data and code.

Thursday 26th May
6pm onwards.

Flowers Building
Imperial College

The Flowers Building is building 31 on the campus map.

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