February Tech Meet – 24th, KCL

February’s BioGeeks tech meet will be on Thursday 24th Feb at King’s College London, Waterloo Campus, from 6pm. We’ll have 3 talks, including one from our Christmas party sponsors Eagle Genomics. All welcome!

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Identifying genes and proteins in text: a short review of available tools and resources
Nathan Harmston, Imperial College London
The ever-increasing publication rate now means that manually extracting information from biological papers is now intractable. This situation has led to a sustained interest in the application of text mining (TM) methods to the biological literature. The first stage in any text-mining pipeline is to recognise named entities in text (a process called Named Entity Recognition or NER). I will discuss the basic concepts behind these methods and provide a basic evaluation of some of the freely available software (standalone and web services).

Perl cures coronary heart disease
Spiros Denaxas, University College London
Life sciences in general such as genetics and biology have traditionally benefited from Perl with excellent projects leading the way such as BioPerl. Unfortunately, in medical research and epidemiology, the picture is different. Researchers are struggling with the ever increasing size and complexity of datasets. This presentation will briefly describe the situation I faced when I first joined a research team working on coronary heart disease, what I did to make things better and how I achieved one small victory for Perl.

“Bioinformatics in the coming decade – are we prepared?
Will Spooner, Eagle Genomics

Fill in the Eagle Genomics survey at http://eaglegenomics.com/survey. Will will be using the data gathered in his talk.


Thursday 24th February
6pm onwards.

King’s College London
Rm 1.20
Franklin Wilkins Building
Waterloo Campus
Stamford Street

map of KCL


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