KCL Bioinformatics Interest Group (BIG)

23rd of November, 2-5.30

== Venue ==
Wolfson Lecture Theatre, Institute of Psychiatry, Denmark Hill

== Program ==

Thomas Schlitt and Michael Simpson (Bioinformatics/Medical
and Molecular Genetics, KCL)
Exome sequencing lessons and strategies.

Francesca Ciccarelli (FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology
and European Institute of Experimental Oncology (IFOM-IEO))
Quantification of genome instability of tumour cells using
next-generation sequencing (NGS)

20 min tea break.

3.40 – 4.20
Elia Stupka (Scientific Director – Bioinformatics, UCL
Genomics and Senior Lecturer, Bioinformatics)
Do we understand enough about genomes to build next generation molecular networks of disease?

Jeff Barrett (Sanger Centre)
The UK10K (10,000 genomes) project and imputation of variants in whole
genome sequencing.

== Registration ==

Please contact Gerome Breen at KCL to RSVP


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