EBI Internship

Thanks to Thomas Schlitt pointing this out. Might be of interest to biologists thinking about moving into bioinformatics?

Internship for a student project in human gene expression:

The Functional Genomics Group is looking for an intern to work full or
part time on aspects of the gene expression database ArrayExpress
(Parkinson 2009) curation pipeline and meta-analysis for human data
(Lukk 2010). Applicants must have a biological background, for example
BSc in biological sciences. Preference will be given to candidates with
demonstrable experience of human genetics, high throughout microarray
experimentation and some knowledge of scripting languages such as Perl.
Practical experience in any aspect of Bioinformatics would be useful.
This is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in a diverse team of
bioinformaticians working with high throughput data and to apply
biological knowledge to experimental data.
A stipend of maximum 750 GBP per calendar month is available. Note that
non EC nationalities are eligible but a visa application MUST be made
from the intern’s country of origin for non EC nationals (applications
cannot be made from the UK and existing student visas are not valid) and
this can take several weeks.

Applicants should send a CV to Helen Parkinson parkinson

Lukk, M., Kapushesky, M., Nikkila, J., Parkinson, H., Goncalves, A.,
Huber, W., Ukkonen, E. and Brazma, A (2010). "A global map of human gene
expression." Nat Biotechnol 28(4): 322-4.

Parkinson, H., Kapushesky, M., Kolesnikov, N., Rustici, G., Shojatalab,
M., Abeygunawardena, N., Berube, H., Dylag, M., Emam, I., Farne, A.,
Holloway, E., Lukk, M., Malone, J., Mani, R., Pilicheva, E., Rayner, T.
F., Rezwan, F., Sharma, A., Williams, E., Bradley, X. Z., Adamusiak, T.,
Brandizi, M., Burdett, T., Coulson, R., Krestyaninova,, M., Kurnosov,
P., Maguire, E., Neogi, S. G., Rocca-Serra, P., Sansone, S. A., Sklyar,
N., Zhao, M., Sarkans, U. and Brazma, A. (2009). "ArrayExpress
update–from an archive
of functional genomics experiments to the atlas of gene expression."
Nucleic Acids Res 37(Database issue): D868-72.


2 responses to “EBI Internship

  1. Duration is max 6 months, location is the European Bioinformatics Institute, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, CB10 1Sd. Send a CV and cover letter please.

  2. This post has now closed, apologies we were not able to apply to all the applicants, there were too many. We will be advertising for interns summer next year – 2011, please check http://www.ebi.ac.uk/arrayexpress news items for announcements.

    Helen Parkinson

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