VBL – Tutorials – Vincent Plagnol will talk about RNAseq analysis

The next VBL tutorial will have place on the 9th Jun Bearsted LT – Royal London Hospital

Speaker: Vincent Plagnol

Building a reference genome for RNAseq alignment using the Ensembl API

“RNA-Seq is an important application of next generation DNA sequencing and key applications include transcript quantification and allele specific expression analysis . However, bioinformatics analysis of RNA short read sequence data is more complex than DNA analysis. Indeed, the reference genome is not anymore linear, but rather a complex combination of exons and introns. I will discuss the solutions we used to accommodate the complexity of RNAseq analysis, in collaboration with Colin Hercus who added features to the alignment software novoalign to make our work possible. I will also discuss some statistical issues associated with sequence capture technologies and SNP calling that are relevant for RNA-Seq but also valid in the context of DNA analysis.”

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