VBL – Tutorials – Next Meeting

The next VBL will have place on the 26th of May at 1-19 Torrington Place – Basement LT

The speaker will be Jacek Marzec

Title: Novocraft software for microRNA data analysis MicroRNAs (miRNA) are ∼22 nt long non-coding RNAs that are derived from larger hairpin RNA precursors and play important regulatory roles in both animals and plants. They are sequence-specific mediators of transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression. The short length of the miRNA sequence and frequent post-transcriptional modifications significantly influence mapping accuracy of conventional alignment algorithms. Well suited algorithm for aligning microRNA against reference genomes or sequences of interest is Novoalign developed by Novocraft offering favourable performance and sensitivity. Novoalign is capable of finding optimal alignments in the human genome while allowing multiple mismatches and variable read length. Considering that the variability of miRNAs at the sequence level is poorly understood, routine global analysis of reads (including those with imperfect alignments) is important for proper quantization of miRNAs and for discovery of known or novel sequence variants. In this tutorial I will briefly introduce what are miRNAs, whereby I will mention the prerequisites for running Novoalign and finally I will discuss its features that are particularly favourable for performing miRNA alignment.


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