Next-Gen Sequencing Day in London?

Elia Stupka from UCL has suggested organising a day of Next gen sequencing related talks, workshops, software demos and discussion groups. I think it’s an excellent idea. Here’s a copy of his email – please take the time to comment with any suggestions you have about topics for discussions, tutorials you’d like to see and so on. I’m sure offers to speak, run a tutorial or help with the organisation will also be welcome 🙂

Dear London bioinformaticians young and old, newbies and pros,

given the level of interest we have seen in the various genomics days and the VBL seminars and given that often people seem to be seeking advice on how-to setup or improve their data analysis pipelines, I have been thinking of organizing a “techie” day dedicated not so much to scientific presentations, but to give ample space to dsicussing our current pipelines, comparing approaches, and deriving, hopefully by the end of the day, improved methodologies.

The day could be structured into the various applications, e.g. Chip-Seq, RNA-Seq, re-sequencing, small RNA analysis, etc. and each session could have a few speakers presenting their pipelines, a few people putting up posters if they wish to, followed by hands- on discussions.

Since all these events take considerable effort to organize, please let me know if you think it would be beneficial, and if you have any suggestions in terms of format and structure. If there is enough interest I will start looking into it.

best regards to all,



8 responses to “Next-Gen Sequencing Day in London?

  1. Some quick thoughts:

    Intro talks on individual NGS applications: ChIPseq, RNAseq, reseq etc

    Practical hands- on tutorials for beginners using common bits of software (eg BWA, Bowtie, Macs, FindPeaks, Batman, Tophat…) and on tools for organising your analyses – Make / Rake, Sweave.

    More focussed BOF / Workshops on eg:

    Genome browsers and visualisation

    Big data formats (S/BAM, BioHDF, BigBED)

    Peak / SNP /Indel / CNV identification


    Metadata, storage, publishing and sharing data.

    Cass xx

  2. I don’t have any suggestions, but I’d definitely like to attend such an event. However, I’m an MSc Bioinformatics student… would it be too advanced for the likes of newbies like me?

    • Not at all – I think a lot of people are just starting with NGS data and are trying to figure out what the hell to do with it. Probably the talks and workshops would be pitched at newbie level and then the Birds-of-a-Feather sessions will give people a chance to discuss particular topics in a bit more detail.

      Also – you have a blog – can I add you to the Biogeeks blogroll?

      Cass xx

  3. Oh, this will be perfect for me. I have my MSc project (starting in May) on Developing a NGS-phylogenetic pipeline.

  4. Just saw this yesterday on SEQanswers – apparently there are plans for a UK sequencing meeting in Nottingham in August.

    see the link:


  5. sorry about that, for the link to work properly it should start with http.


  6. sorry about that, the web link should start with
    http, of course, but the h got missed out.

    here it is again:


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