Virtual Bioinfo Lab: RRBseq

From Vincenza Maselli:

Please look at the page linked below for any details.

Next speaker will be Guillermo Carbajosa
the topic is: Analyzing RRB-seq Data

HTS DNA methylomics (RRB-Seq Analysis)
RRB-Seq is a DNA methyomics genome scale technique, first described in Meissner et al 2008, that allows to perform single CpG site resolution analysis of the methylation of selected regions, specially those rich in CpG sites like CpG islands, which reduces the high costs of perform whole genome sequence analysis while giving a good representation of the genome. I will try to explain how do you approach this kind of data and how do you go from high throughput sequence reads file to calling differentially methylated regions. This workflow involves several steps like reads preprocessing, mapping to the genome bisulfite converted sequences, extracting information from the maps and comparing it to other available information.

the venue is at UCL: 1-19 Torrington Place – Basement LT (you can find the map on the website

we looking forward to see all of you there

The Stupka Group


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