Virtual Bioinformatics Laboratory – Communications

Dear all,

it seems that our tutorial series has received much more interest than we anticipated. We will look for a larger venue to accomodate all for the next meeting, so don’t be put off by this week’s lack of seats. On this note, please make sure that your friends/colleagues who have turned up sign up for the mailing list so that they can get updates on precise venue. Going for bigger venues might imply not always being in the same place.

Similarly, please send me suggestions on topics you would like to see covered in this tutorial series. I have some limited funding to bring over some speakers if needed from outside London, and will be happy to do so for specific topics.

Finally, this tutorial series is made by volunteers, those of you who think you could contribute something, please let me know soon so that we may start adding titles for later in the year.

best regards to all and thank you for the interest shown,

Elia Stupka


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