Virtual Bioinformatics Laboratory – Wall

The virtual bioinformatics laboratory is back with a series of bi-weekly genomics tutorials, every Wednesday at 3PM. The tutorials will run for approximately 1 hour, with half an hour dedicated to the background theory and half an hour for some practical examples. The room will be available for 2 hours, should people want to stay to discuss more in depth issues at the end of the tutorial.

The next tutorial will have place on the 21st of July at the Milton LT (Garrod Building) – Whitechapel –

The topic is “Perl API and application to DB management”

The speaker is Vincenza Maselli.

The tutorial will give a little overview of Perl modules and their structure and use in EnsEMBL and BioPerl, plus a practical example to how to construct an API to interact with a MySQL database.

Click here for further details

We look forward to seeing you on the day


The complete calendar is available here.

If any new people would like to be added to the mailing list, visit this page and click on “Need Password for first login”


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