Postdoc in Barcelona

Post‐doctoral or equivalent level position is immediately available in the group of Dr. Miguel A. Peinado in the Laboratory of Mechanisms of Tumor Progression.

The individual in this position will be responsible for computational biology and bio‐informatics support of genome‐scale projects using next generation sequencing technology. The major goal of the project is the obtention of genome‐scale maps of epigenetic variations in cancer. The project is highly collaborative and provides the opportunity to interact with investigators in different disciplines, including computational and experimental biology. Primary duties will include but will not be limited to the design and implementation of algorithms to map, annotate, integrate and organize data generated by next generation sequencing instruments, for use in downstream statistical analyses and validation. Duties will also include data‐mining on other high‐throughput data sets and preparation of figures and manuscripts. Proficiency in the management of Biological Databases, programming languages (R, Perl, C++, Python, etc) and biostatistical methods is required.

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