March Tech Meet

For March’s tech meet, we’re pleased to announce that Karim Chine will be presenting and demo-ing his Biocep-R / Elastic-R project.


Anyone with an eduroam login should be able to use the KCL WiFi to have a play around with Biocep-R, so bring along your laptops. If you’re at a UK university, check with your computer helpdesk about eduroam logins. We’ll also try and get a few guest accounts for non-university folks.


Thursday March 18th
6pm onwards


Seminar Rm 1.21,
Franklin-Wilkins Building
Waterloo Campus
Kings College London

6:00 Karim Chine
Elastic-R, a google docs-like portal for data analysis in the cloud

The Biocep-R software platform ( and the Elastic-R portal ( make it possible to use mainstream computing environments such as R or Scilab as a service in the cloud. The full capabilities of the environments are exposed to the end user from within a simple browser. He/she can issue commands, install and use new packages, generate and interact with graphics, upload and process files, download results … using high-capacity virtual machines that he/she starts and stops on-demand. The full computational environment and the data can be snapshotted any time, shared and reused. Spreadsheets running in the cloud and fully integrated with the computing environments functions and data can be mirrored to web browsers and to Excel. The Platform takes the computing engine to the data and allows many collaborators to access and analyze together that data using collaborative consoles, editors, spreadsheets and annotatable graphics. The platform helps performing elastic distributed computing with any number of virtual machines to solve heavily computational problems or deploying highly scalable computational backbends for analytical applications and workflows. Finally, the platform enables to easily drag and drop visual components and create user interfaces and dashboards that use advanced statistical/numerical models running on cloud machines. Those Interfaces can be easily delivered to the end user with simple URLs.

A tutorial about Elastic-R will be given at the R User Conference 2010 :

7:30 Pub

The Rose and Crown
47 Colombo Street,
London SE1 8DP


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