February Tech Meet

So the 2nd BioGeeks’ tech meet will be held at Imperial College on Thursday 18th February!

The format will be the same as last time with a series of informal lightning talks/demos (about 15 to 20 mins each) and then heading off to a nearby pub (to be decided). Please pass the details on to anyone you think might want to come.


Andrew Clegg : Building your own search engine with Apache Solr

Apache Solr (http://lucene.apache.org/solr/) is an open-source search
engine based on the popular Lucene library with a huge variety of
features. In this talk, Andrew describes how he used it to build a
high-performance search tool for protein and domain structures at
CATH, and talks about some of the suprisingly cool things you can do
with it beyond simple searching.

Manuel Corpas – KaryoDAS: An Interactive Genome Visualization Tool
KaryoDAS is a browser-independent DAS client visualization
tool for genomic data. KaryoDAS allows simultaneous visualization of
heterogeneous data sources within one single interface. Here we
present KaryoDAS integrated inside the DECIPHER database, a database
of chromosomal imbalances and phenotypes.
Availability and Implementation: KaryoDAS is written in javascript,
available with default parameters from the DECIPHER website at
http://decipher.sanger.ac.uk/karyodas/display.html. The source code
can be freely downloaded via an open source license from

Phil Dawes – Decentralised version control with Git
A short comparison of Git vs centralised version control systems like cvs/subversion. What is different? What does
it change about the process of developing software?


Thursday 18th February
6pm onwards.

G47A, Flowers Building
Imperial College London,
South Kensington

The Flowers building is number 33 on the Campus map. It is swipe card access but I will be there outside to make sure you can all get in.

A large table has been reserved at the Prince Regent on Gloucester Road. Its about 5 – 10 minutes walk from campus and 5 minutes from Gloucester Road tube station. The tables booked for 7:30 onwards.

Hopefully see everyone in February.


2 responses to “February Tech Meet

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  2. We’re here now. Door is open. Room on ground floor to your right. Email or phone if you get lost.

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