Looking for talks for next month’s tech meet

We’ve moved this to September as lots of people are away over the summer. There’s still room for a couple more short talks if anyone wants them.

Plan is to have an hour of talks in total but you can have a slot of
anything from 5 to 30 mins. After that we’ll head to a nearby pub.

Andrew’s suggestions for things to do with your time:

– Give a talk with slides
– Give a less formal talk without slides
– Do a live demo of some software
– Discuss a paper you’ve read
– Have a Q&A/panel discussion

This isn’t supposed to be a formal thing. The idea is to share useful
bioinformatics stuff, and stimulate conversation. If you’ve seen a
clever algorithm or bit of software you want to geek out about feel
free. If you’re working on some bioinformatics problem and you want to
bounce around ideas with other people, that’s fine. If you’ve made
something cool, or found a neat solution to a problem, and you just want
a chance to be smug about it, that’s ok too.

Even if you’ve already told me you’ll take a slot, can you drop me an
email with a title, a bit of blurb about your topic and how much time
you want?

After the dismal failure of the free beer last time, I’ll have another
go at getting sponsorship. Will keep you updated.


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