UCLBioinformatics / Molecular Bio PostDoc

Posted on LBF-Discuss mailing list by Elia Stupka:

an exciting and challenging opportunity for a post-doc position within a very interdisciplinary EU funded project, Dopaminet ( http://www.dopaminet.eu ) is now available in my new lab at UCL, so we are seeking high caliber candidates, please forward to those who might be interested (and ready for the challenge!), deadline September 15th. Please note that although not mandatory, preference will be given to candidates who have laboratory experience (besides the mandatory bioinformatics experience)

The successful candidate will work in conjunction with renowned international laboratories across Europe and Japan (including the Riken Institute, Karolinska Institute and SISSA) as part of the EU funded Dopaminet project ( http://www.dopaminet.eu/ ). The aim of the project is to understand the molecular signatures and networks of dopaminergic neurons from large genomics and imaging datasets.

The candidate will focus in particular on the analysis (and possibly the generation) of next-generation sequencing technologies datasets with CAGE, RNASeq and ChipSeq protocols on samples obtained from ex-vivo cells as well as differentiated stem cells.

The candidate will work within the laboratory lead by Elia Stupka, whose general aim is to decipher functional elements of the genome and their role in disease using functional and comparative genomics approaches. The laboratory is located within the medical genomics group lead by Stephan Beck at the UCL Cancer Institute, and has strong ties to other next-generation sequencing laboratories across London.

Candidates should have:

* Prior experience with the analysis of genomics data (ideally with next-generation sequencing data)
* Experience in common bioinformatics packages such as Bioconductor and Bioperl
* Good track record in internationally peer-reviewed publications is mandatory

Beneficial, but not required:

* Prior experience with comparative genomics and model organisms
* Candidates with laboratory experience will have the opportunity to conduct their own experiments within the framework of the project, besides analysing datasets from other laboratories in the project.

Further details on the post and application forms on our website:

Details/application: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/cancer/vacancies/ES0709/index.htm


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