Imperial Centre for Integrative Systems Biology Mini-Conference

This is tomorrow – sorry for the short notice!

Wednesday 10th June
Lower Ground Square Lecture Theatre of the Imperial College Business School

09:40 Introduction
Acting Director CISBIC – Prof. Stephen Muggleton

10:00 A systems approach to dissecting immunity
Prof. Alan Aderem, Director, Institute of Systems Biology

10:45 What determines plant organ size? A systems biology approach
Prof. Dirk Inzé, VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology, UGent

11:30 Coffee

12:00 Frequency of alternative transcripts and antisense RNA in bacteria reveal high regulatory complexity
Prof. Luis Serrano Pubull, Head of Dpt., Dpt. Structural & Computational Biology, EMBL (Germany)

12:45 Automating Science
Prof. Ross D. King, Head, Department of Computer Science Aberystwyth University

13:30 Demo – Data Management/Integration for CISBIC
Dr. Chris Tomlinson, CISBIC, Imperial College London

13:30 Refreshments served in the common area outside of the Lecture Theatre


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